Multiview Media delivered multi angle content for Gary Numan, The Struts & Honne for JBTV Festival 12-14th Feb.

Our multi angle player was embedded in ticketing firm Tixr system for fans to access.



12th Feb -14th

featuring Multiview Media shows incl Gary Numan, Honne & The Struts.

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Multiview Media featured in Music Week magazine


Look what arrived in the post. Our Brand Blazer trophy. It will take pride of place on the shelf and a great start to 2021.


We Won !!!

“Best Use of Verizon Media Technology: MultiView Media is leveraging the Verizon Media Platform to deliver an immersive multicam sports and concert experience. With this one-of-a-kind streaming innovation, each viewer gets to decide what they see during the program, enabling streaming to be a more immersive, interactive production that surpasses the traditional TV experience.” Verizon Media

An honour to have been selected for their 3rd annual Brand Blazer award…..

A great team effort with Verizon Media, Dcafe & Theoplayer to get the platform together. 2021 will be a busy year

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Multiview Media getting great exposure with Verizon Media partnership following CES


Multiview Media announcements coming at CES 2021

(Jan 2021)

New global partnership
Clients shows to be announced
New features in multi angle content delivery.

Let your fans be the director in 2021



JBTV music festival taking shape on the new Multiview Media platform.

(Nov 2020)

More news coming soon about the global lineup



Historic content and live shows to music fans, allowing them to be the director.  

London UK (Sept 7th 2020) – Multiview Media and JBTV have signed a joint partnership deal to deliver JBTV festival and stream subsequent live shows.  This will offer fans an interactive way to experience the huge catalogue created by JBTV and lay the foundations for the delivery of future live content. 

Multiview Media is in the OTT industry, delivers multi camera angle streaming packages and will be launching “ the jumbotron in your hand “ at live events & festivals in 2021. 

“ We are very excited to work with Chicago based JBTV,  the extensive catalogue they have created and the planned live shows.” said Ray Meadham  CEO, Multiview Media. “Teaming up with JBTV to provide the JBTV festival is a super opportunity for us and our platform. 

JBTV is America’s longest running music television programs dedicated to breaking up and coming bands for over 30 years. Legendary hostJerry Bryant’s iconic live music showcase has unveiled many seminal musicians. Performers such as Green Day, Pearl Jam, Dave

Matthews Band, and the Smashing Pumpkins received some of their earliest TV exposure on JBTV. Additionally, JBTV has been on the forefront of spotting new and upcoming talent that has gone on to global success including recent Grammy Award nominated and/or winners, Imagine Dragons, Twenty-One Pilots, and Bastille, among others.

“JBTV is excited to enter into this partnership with Multiview Media. Their platform and team has an incredible depth of experience in the music business and the live streaming industry.” said Peter Bowers, Executive Producer JBTV. ”We are confident that they will assist us in growing our distribution globally and maximising our 35+ years’ worth of unique content.”

Multiview Media will provide its end-to-end OTT platform to deliver historic and live content allowing the fans to be the director to switch between camera angles. JBTV will provide historic content from its extensive archives and develop future live shows to use the interactive platform.  The JBTV festival will feature some of the biggest artists in the world, across four stages and a line up never seen before in one place. The scheduled date for this global event is to be released later in September.