Multiview Media presents a multi angle player that gives you “the jumbotron in your hand”

Multiview Media for live sport, music & more.

An onsite package for fans to switch between camera angles.
Increase reach, reaction and revenue.
20% longer viewer engagement than single angle.
Embed the player in third party sites, VR & Metaverse. 
Embed brands in all angles to increase sponsors ROI. More angles means more real estate.
“The Jumbotron in your hand” at the event to add value to fans onsite.
Provide an end-to-end modular solution. 

Create a new layer of sponsorship inside the broadcasters.

Multiview Media has a new multi angle format allowing fans to be the director.

Give fans access to camera angles onsite at the event. 

A unique package from camera to player. 

Ultra low latency. 

Modular design, bespoke for the client offers an end-to-end solution & a white label player. 

Embed the unique player within your current infrastructure. 



Can be free to fans. 

Multiview Media can secure brand engagement to cover the costs of delivery. 

Fans may not be charged to access the platform at the event.  .

Multiview Media will work a revenue share with the promoter / content creator. 

This revenue will come from brand sponsorship – exclusive to the platform & after Multiview Media costs. 

Can add merchandise. 

Include exclusive material ( Interviews/ back stage ).

Link to fan clubs. 

Third party integration. 


End -to end solution.

Modular system for capture, storage, encoding & streaming.

Commercial CDN, DRM, & Geolocation.

Camera crew including remote cameras & 360 can be supplied. 

All formats & codecs covered including 720, 1080 & 4K

Production team includes vision mixer & audio engineer. 

Tech partnerships in place for global scale up & support. 

Technical integration with system at all levels. 



Multi angle to Multiview media platform. 

Syndicate to social media platforms.

Stage output feeds on a schedular with geo location. 

Support RTMP/RTMPS contribution feeds. 

Ultra low latency, adaptive bitrates.


Add brand logo in every angle. 

More angles means more advertising real estate & more data analytics.  .

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