Week in the life of a CEO-Blog


A weekly update on the ins and outs of being a CEO as Multiview Media launches its new multi angle product allowing fans to be the director, a multi angle version fo Netflix and “the jumbotron in your hand” for live onsite experiences.   A new year, new challenges and new products … Going to be a wild ride ……….

week commencing 11th Jan 2021

CES kicks off and Multiview Media win Brand Blazer program run by Verizon Media. Getting mentioned by the CEO of Verizon. Promoted case study with Verizon Media, develop our partnership with them  and we win a trophy ( picture to follow).  We sign with music PR company Dawbell (Elton John/  Sir Paul Mcartney/ BTS ) and schedule a solid PR campaign into 2021.  Our sports marketing firm SQN supply us with e sport content from their recent RaceMe Init event.  Working investors before we launch JBTV music festival.   The team taking shape with technical & marketing as we begin to grow into 2021.  Lots of missed opportunities due to delays in 2020 but building the multi angle version of Netflix and planning the launch of “the Jumbotron in your hand” to change all that in 2021. Attending a 3 month E2E peer to peer program and great to talk to other entrepreneurs, 1-2-1 sessions and sharing good ideas to help us all develop ourselves and our businesses.

week commencing 4th Jan 2021.

A busy start to the new year with CES only a week away.  Preparing the new platform for launch and final testing, edits and migration behind the scenes.   A major PR campaign underway so meetings re the designs, press releases, video interviews all being prepared.  Being backed by a major USA company at CES has its pressures for us to deliver but the team are all pulling together to get this in place.   Dealing with investors as the last chance in this round before it all goes public so several calls back and forth negotiating final terms.  Friday came and most elements lined up. few loose ends that can be sorted so a busy and productive week 1…… Thanks to a superb team for getting things sorted.