Week in the life of a CEO-Blog


A weekly update on the ins and outs of being a CEO as Multiview Media launches its new multi angle product allowing fans to be the director, a multi angle version of Netflix and “the jumbotron in your hand” for live onsite experiences.   A new year, new challenges and new products … Going to be a wild ride ……….

week commencing 29th March

Another busy week despite only 4 real days.  More important calls with major record label execs, CMO’s of major brands, technical partners and investors . Things moving fast in all directions. The virtual multi angle schools tour taking shape and widening across more territories.  The list of grammy artists lining up to use is growing and signatures coming. The enquries for VOD usage , Live streams and “the Jumbotron ” growing every day and we are structuring the roll out of the tech.  Working with very interesting projects .   Finished the E2E peer to peer programme and sad to end the “entrepreneur self help group”. met some super people and talked through a myriad of situations over the 3 months. Some exceptional companies and products from all different industries.  A big thank you to Shalini Khemka at E2E for the opportunity & Katy Trost the programme lead.

week commencing 22nd March 2021

A busy week of working with investors as the business now has traction and attracting a lot of interest. Having to remember all the key numbers (oh to be a CFO).   Lots of strategic partnerships moving forward with some major players and these will enhance the delivery of Multiview Media package.  More demoes of the product to major agents, managers, artists & sports organisations.  The “Jumbotron in your hand” securing major festivals for 2022 and working with ticketing companies & more to build the infrastructure.   Tech developments underway and additional features being planned.

week commencing 15th March 2021

Having been a music teacher before starting as an entrepreneur I had the privilege to teach some amazing young musicians/ students. Many have gone in to the music industry like Slowthai, Flux Pavilion, Many have gone in to teaching and it was with great sadness that one of my ex trombone pupils died recently. Jon Lloyd was an amazing inspiration as a teacher to so many young musicians and such a great person in the Northampton area. He will be sadly missed and I had the privelage to know him. Thoughts & prayers with the family at this difficult time.  Myself and fellow co founder Alex received our vaccine shots this week.   This week has been filled with demos of our latest platform to major artist management companies , global agencies and more being scheduled.  We are about to secure Grammy artists to use the platform for upcoming shows and negotiating major festivals for “the jumbotron in your hand” now events starting to open.   The ability to embed the player in third party sites ( even VR) is attracting major clients looking for a B2C model.   Main focus now on the investor side to fund this rapid growth curve. I also had the opportunity to work with a school I used to teach at.  Helping them with a BTEC assignment with interviews, CV experience. Having been an examiner / external verifier for vocational subjects I can really appreciate the school reaching out to businesses and giving teh students access to real world scenarios & people.


week commencing 8th March 2021

BIG NEWS on the data front after studying the 6000 views last month of the new platform we discovered that fans stay engaged up to 20% longer than single angle content. Lots of new potential projects came in re TV, Audio, sport and music and we will be looking to confirm all these and schedule in over the next few months.  Reviewing the website layouts / branding  as we look to complete the new one soon.  Reviewing the team and key roles within the organisation as the need to expand due to the demand for multi angle content is well underway.  Hoping to close current fund around this month.   Embedding the player in third party sites and even VR expanding the reach, revenue and reaction..

week commencing 1st March 2021

Lots of moving parts as the buzz for Multiview player grows. Following up lots on the content front with VOD catalogues.  Discussions re brand partnerships underway.  Attended Sports Pro Media OTT summit and some superb panels, insights and networking.  Some key Sports execs connected and following up MVM. Meetings with key people regarding NED, finance, tech and marketing opportunities.   A great start to the year and the opportunities across music, sport & e sport growing quickly and the schedules starting to fill for Summer onwards.

week commencing 22nd Feb 2021

Another busy week of PR, financial and technical meetings.  “The jumbotron in your hand” gaining a  boost after Covid restrictions being lifted so more live events being rescheduled. Attended regular E2E peer to peer event and great to discuss with other entrepreneurs and hear their successes. Lots of events and projects being calendared and will be a busy Summer & Autumn.  Major content rights holders in contact looking at how to add value to their assets & multi angle offering the alternative.  Our player embedded in VR adding a new opportunity and several cool projects being sorted using this technical development.

week commencing 15th Feb 2021

After a busy week previously preparing for JBTV Festival and embedding in Tixr a chance to relax ( or so we thought). Major buzz created from all the PR and the shows has triggered a Tsunami of enquries to use the multi angle tech.  We are focusing on the next phase of fundraise and updating the pitch deck & 5 year plan. Reached out to Connectd re NED financial execs. Calls with VC and fund managers all well underway. Interesting potential use of the technology underway with a left field market we had not considered.   Working on programme finance to create content.  Working on sport focus with possible Sports Pro Live coming up and in discussion with various sports content holders. live sports events to utilise “The jumbotron in your hand”. Featured article in my local paper means my anonymity is blown ….

week commencing 8th Feb 2021

A busy week preparing for JBTV Festival.  Major PR thanks to Dawbell team incl Music Week, Pollstar, Broadcast Now and many more.  Lots of Q & A sessions, updating social media and contacting the artists social media to promote the multi angle shows.  Working the financials with potential investors, strategic partners, brands and programme financiers.

week commencing 1st Feb 2021

Most importantly my thoughts & prayers go out to my co founder who lost a family member this week. Puts in to perspective that family comes first. The business roller coaster begins as things change and the team have to adapt to new challenges.  Being a new product and being featured for a world exclusive have there challenges. Responding to a clients change of brief has pulled the team together to resolve the issues.  Getting a new headshot shows how non photogenic I am .. new image to appear soon.   Major PR campaign about to hit the media across music, sport, tech covering our CES feature, JBTV Festival and more.   Very lucky to have a great tech & marketing team around me.  Now exploring the financial team as we start the journey to Series A round.

week commencing 25th Jan 2021

Lots of moving parts as we head towards JBTV Festival 12-14th Feb. Lots of last minute links to be sorted, new artists content to be added.  Major PR campaign about to go live.  We received our award from CES in the post from Verizon Media so that has pride of place on the shelf, just below my Guinness world record certificate on the wall….  The team are working hard to co ordinate all the technical, marketing and legal elements for the JBTV Festival.  Shaping up to be a busy year and only the first month !!!.

week commencing 18th Jan 2021

Major follow ups from CES and the beginning of the PR campaign.  Working with Dawbell & SQN to put together marketing plan for next few months.  Main focus now on JBTV Festival 12-14th Feb.  Major artists content to be streamed on the platform.  Team working on the package for JBTV. Spoke to Nordoff Robbins who we will be supporting as a chosen charity.   Closed out an investor who will add great value to the business with expert knowledge of brands / seo and marketing.

week commencing 11th Jan 2021

CES kicks off and Multiview Media win Brand Blazer program run by Verizon Media. Getting mentioned by the CEO of Verizon. Promoted case study with Verizon Media, develop our partnership with them  and we win a trophy ( picture to follow).  We sign with music PR company Dawbell (Elton John/  Sir Paul Mcartney/ BTS ) and schedule a solid PR campaign into 2021.  Our sports marketing firm SQN supply us with e sport content from their recent RaceMe Init event.  Working investors before we launch JBTV music festival.   The team taking shape with technical & marketing as we begin to grow into 2021.  Lots of missed opportunities due to delays in 2020 but building the multi angle version of Netflix and planning the launch of “the Jumbotron in your hand” to change all that in 2021. Attending a 3 month E2E peer to peer program and great to talk to other entrepreneurs, 1-2-1 sessions and sharing good ideas to help us all develop ourselves and our businesses.

week commencing 4th Jan 2021.

A busy start to the new year with CES only a week away.  Preparing the new platform for launch and final testing, edits and migration behind the scenes.   A major PR campaign underway so meetings re the designs, press releases, video interviews all being prepared.  Being backed by a major USA company at CES has its pressures for us to deliver but the team are all pulling together to get this in place.   Dealing with investors as the last chance in this round before it all goes public so several calls back and forth negotiating final terms.  Friday came and most elements lined up. few loose ends that can be sorted so a busy and productive week 1…… Thanks to a superb team for getting things sorted.